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2017 Shanghai international compressor and equipment exhibition successfully concluded
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At 9:00 a.m. on October 31, 2017, Guangdong Grand Slam Compressor Co., Ltd. officially opened the exhibition in Shanghai New International Expo Center, which is located in booth b5-1 of N4 hall.

The three series of products exhibited by our company have been highly praised as soon as they come out. The products in this exhibition are zhanhu series compressor, Xiongying series compressor and dolphin series compressor. Our company's patented compressed air solution for oil-free control method applied in p.e.t. bottle blowing industry has attracted many visiting friends, including some foreign friends from afar. After understanding our company's concept and product design, we are very satisfied with our products and highly agree with our Grand Slam company.

With your support, Grand Slam will go further and more professional!

Group photo of participants

Photo of exchange between foreign guests

roup photo

Interview with CCTV ingenuity column group

Exhibitor: Huang qiguang, general manager, Jiang Yongming, deputy general manager, Xu Jingxin, deputy general manager

Foreign trade manager Wang Xiansheng Deputy Sales Manager Luo Jie Deputy Sales Manager Zeng Xiangru

Technical support Zhang Yuanhong

November 6, 2017

Guangdong Grand Slam Compressor Co., Ltd

Zeng Xiangru

Reviewer Jiang Yongming

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